Complaints can be made to any staff or representative of the helpline. These complaints may vary in complexity and urgency and it is important for helpline agencies to have a policy on handling and resolving complaints.

Complaints will always require some formal documentation. Basic information will need to include date and time of when the complaint was made and a brief overview of the complaint.

Complaint regarding a service

There are occasions where a complaint is made to a third party such as Helpines Australia. A complaint may be lodged by any person or organisation including, but not limited to, other helplines, carriers, service providers, internet providers, or any member of the public. In addition, Helplines Australia may initiate a complaint.

The helpline will be notified in writing regarding the nature of the complaint. Depending on the nature of the complaint, an offer to help the agency to rectify or remedy will be provided.

Any complaint, dispute or claim relating to a possible infringement or contravention of any Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government legislation, regulations, by-laws or orders maybe referred to the Carrier of the service(s) for appropriate action and may also be referred to any relevant authority or funding body, for appropriate action.

At present, complaints handled by Helplines Australia will be in accordance to the same steps adopted by the Health Insurance Commission, relating to professional practice. (Refer to: