As a national association we aim to:

  • Liaise and participate with businesses and government agencies to raise the profile of telephone helplines in our communities
  • Provide clear guidelines and standards to assist present and future telephone services.
  • Conduct training seminars and provide resources for telephone and internet based services.
  • Provide a national listing of helplines throughout Australia.
  • Provide a network for telephone and internet based services (including regular newsletters).

Organisational Statements


Helplines Australia intends to become the leading support organisation for helplines services in Australia


Helplines Australia enables helpline services across Australia in the delivery of best practice services to all Australians to improve their quality of life.

Values Statements

The work of Helplines Australia, and as an organization, is governed by the following values:


To demonstrate caring and respect for all involved with Helplines Australia, including volunteers, members and ultimately the people who use the services of member helplines.


To promote helpline and online services’ best practice to helpline members to ensure ethical and quality service delivery.


To maintain awareness of issues impacting upon Helplines Australia’s members, ensuring timely problem solving, responses and support to the sector.


To remain connected to the helpline sector fostering a community of support, networking and resource sharing among helpline services.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2015

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2014 – 2015

Constitution 2014